Friday, May 17, 2013

Khotbah Jumat Prayer in Iqroq House, Lakemba Sydney Aussie

By dr.Abdullian Siregar  SpAn/KNA
Alhamdulillahi nahmaduhu wanasta inuhu......
Amma ba"adu......

Fellow Muslim ,brethrens in Islam:
We have arrived in Syawal and Ramadhan had
just farewelled us,the fasting month full of
forgivnesss,bonus of rewards,wherein the gate of jannah is widely opened for those with
good deeds and the gate of hell tightly shut 
wherein syatons shackled tightly.Alhamdulilah
we had been well trained for being a good 
obedient of Allah within the past exceptional 
lustrous month to kick out or eleminate evil"s
characteristics such as cavalier,arrogant,
pompous,egoist,antipathy and apathetic.
We now realize we have nothing that body
and soul,children and wife,money and treasure,knowledge and health are only
possed by Allah and those will be accounted
for later in the day of resurection.
We are only yardmen or watchmen,
maintaining amanah with sanity and never
claiming of possesing it,so we won"t be the
same as insane people.Only insane people
who feel rich when insentiable and never
sufficient,who feel clever or discerning but
never learn from the valuable experience,
who capture momentary pleasure and ignore
the the timeless pleasure.

Brethrens in faith:
With Iedul Fithri, hopefully we are truly back
in a state of purity like a newborn baby,as
pure as capable of bearing incredible power
as a balloon that can only be lifted by the pure gas filled(helium) and helpless if only
filled with ordinary air.
Rosulullah was able to mi"raj after Angle
Jibril split his chest with Allah"s permission
washed and filled with faith and charity so
that he can penetrate the earth and the
heavens,thus reach Sidratul Muntaha.
Sanctity we have thanks to intensive training
sincerely seeking of God blessings solely 
during Ramadhan.
Sincerely will bear the courage to say what is
right is right and falsehood is falsehood.
Qulil haq walau kana murro(lets say that
despite the bitter truth).
Dont be a dumb devil who just quiet and
fascinated with the munkar/tyrrany of
Myanmar ,the massacre towards Muslim
Rohingya.However ,to response this incident
do not take revenged against the innocent
Buddist anywhere .
Have we ever cared when there was genocide
in Vietnam and Cambodia?
What"s the difference we are with the people
other than us?Was not Muhammad sent to
bring the whole grace of nature?
Wa maa arsalnaka illa rahmatan lil aalamiin.
Other than humans,even an ant must not be killed for no reason.

Fellow Muslims:
Without zakat Alfitr all the deeds in Ramadhan are hanging suspended between
heaven and earth,just like sending a letter
without a stamp which will never arrive.
Zakat Alfitr not only to purify oneself but
it is a moment of the action of anti hunger 
there must be no longer human hunger later
under the dome of the sky from 1 Syawal on.
Do not make the poor smile on ist Syawal but
but cry thereafter.
Fasting and alms should not only be a worship
ritual.Fasting is to feel how miserable orphans with prolonged hunger so as to push 
for share.Rosul advised eat when hungry
and stop before satiety,so the remains can
be diverted to the stomach of orphans. 
Rosulullah saw even said that feeding the dog
is better than putting food into your stomach
full.If there is one person starving in a village 
the entire population will bear the sins.
Mustahik are also the honoured human ,so
zakat must delivered directly to the mustahik
do not let them to pick up their rights by themselves.Do not treat them like the hunger
dog capturing the food.
We must realize that zaakat is the movement
of anti of anti poverty and distribution of wealth and of economic empowerment and
education development.
Therefore the role of the zakat"s institution
is urgently needed.

Barakallahu fil quranil azim wanafaani.......

Alhamdulillahilazi arsala rosula bil huda.......

Brethren in faith:
Shawwal is the month of improving the faith
science and social sensitivity.
Rosulullah saw said today should be better 
than yesterday and tomorrow should be
better than today.
Do not follow the way people spend delirious
budget for pets that greater than the cost of
Second World War,whilw many children are
still malnourished with sunken eyes stranded
on earth of Allah.
Remember the Prophet"s saying,it will not
move both feet of servant of Allah on the day
of Resurection until asked of how you manage
your spare time ,knowledge you had,health
you enjoyed ,wealth you gained and spent.
Muslims must become ya"lu wa laa yu"laa
alaih,meaning the value of the highest 
quality and you must be able because unable
is a word in insane dictionary as Napoleon

Allahumma solli ala muhammad.........
Allahummafirlil muslimina.......
Alhamdulillahirobbil alamin.


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